Church Leaders


Our church is led by a team of three elders.

Jim Day 

Jim is full time pastor and has been at Ingleton EC since 2010. He is married to Lou and they live in the village not far from the church. Jim is originally from West Cumbria, and did his training at Wales Evangelical School of Theology. In his spare time he enjoys running in the beautiful local countryside, and attempting to make currys from scratch!

John Ellershaw

John has been a member a Ingleton EC for over a decade along with his wife Kath. They’ve always lived in the area where, and own as well as run a local sheep farm.

Stephen Tyrer

Stephen and his wife Janet have been at Ingleton EC for over 20 years. They’re both from the area and live in Burton-in-Lonsdale. Stephen runs his own business as a joiner, along with his two sons.